hello, I'm Chip & I'm refusing to pay or respond to the person hosting my website.

I have a tendency to stop responding to people I owe money to.

Once someone paid me nearly $100 on the basis I would pay people to advertise their server. Instead, I spent the money on fixing my computer, ignored them for nearly a full week & then finally responded and admitted I had spent their money for personal gain rather than what they had intended me to do.

I lied, I'm not Chip. I'm the pissed off website hoster that has been ignored constantly.

Don't buy graphics from Chip, he'll charge $30+ for something he makes in 20 minutes.

Instead, buy from discord.gg/JYjDQ5thqq you can get something for $5 here that looks amazing and has actual effort put into it.

While I'm here, if you ever need a Discord bot developed go to discord.gg/WmXYAcdVg2 50+ 5 star
 reviews + trusted by partnered servers & 100k+ servers. 

maybe this will get Chip to respond, who knows.